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July 17 Blog: Corporate Events Stationery

“Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.”

– Ronald Reagan

Ok, so we are planning corporate events, not running a country. Deciding policy may not be a “thing” in our world. However, the above quote, and the many versions of it you can find through quick google search, resonates. Basically you surround yourself with amazing people, communicate your vision, and empower them to execute it. This is how it has been from day one since I started working with, then “moved in” with my crush.

Boutique Events Pinkpolka Corporate Events Stationery Jenelle Gartner of Pinkpolka Invitations and Stationery, our exclusive Corporate Events Stationery provider. 

The moment I encountered Jenelle in a chance meeting, I knew I had to work with her. Her bubbly personality was infectious. Her personal style the right mix of professional and hip. Her communication clear and concise. I had not even seen her work, which quite frankly is head and shoulders above other designers. (Sorry everyone else!)

Jenelle is a graphic designer with a Bachelor of Design. She gained experience working in various design studios, then in 2009 she took the brave leap to venture out as an entrepreneur. She started Pinkpolka Invitations & Stationery where her creativity could shine. Where she could focus on her passion of creating beautiful things for fantastic people. Since then she has been recognized in various publications, and won two prestigious Canadian Wedding Industry Awards, for best wedding invitation and best stationer in Alberta. This spring, the Taco’s & Tequila Corporate Events Stationery package she designed for us, won distinction in direct marketing at the ACE Awards in Edmonton. So really, we are not the only one’s crushing on this gal.

She has helped elevate events I have planned to a whole new level. She has designed amazing set of corporate event stationery for every project I task her with.  When Jenelle designs, the feedback is phenomenal. The planning goes a little something like this:

Olivia “Jenelle, I have a crazy idea, can you make it work? Oh, and the deadline is tight” 

Jenelle “This sounds like fun! Let me make it even more awesome then your harebrained idea”

The Client “WOW! We love the invites!” 

For real. She is just that good. 

When she designs she isn able to incorporate a full service approach to the Corporate Events Stationery package. Event branding, save-the-dates, invitations, posters, programs, on-site signage and more are all items she has designed for Boutique Events. Here are a few samples she did for us, you can be the judge:

Corporate Events Stationery Corporate Events Stationery Corporate Events Stationery











In 2015 Jenelle and I took our professional relationship to a whole new level, renovating and moving into a shared space on Edmonton’s trendy 124th Street. The synergies are amazing, and the brainstorming is constant. Of course this also means I always have a partner in crime for checking out the new local restaurants that keep popping up!

Corporate Events Stationery

Over the years we have realized our views differ greatly on many subjects (even publicly debating parenting issues!) At the end of the day, we both strongly believe in customer service, high quality, original work, and attention to detail. These similarities are what make her one of my biggest crushes! If you find yourself looking for wedding invites to commemorate your day, corporate events stationery that will set your project apart from the competition, or an invite full of personality for a 40th birthday bash, there really is no other choice.