Finding our identity. 

When I started this little company in 2012 it was on a whim. I had just had my first son, and knew for certain that I wanted to work. I also knew for certain I needed to love, not like what I do. Now, let me state, that I do not believe I will love what I do 24/7, no one really does. That said, I wanted to focus on my passion.  What is that? Well, people. Organizing people. Taking care of people. Talking with people. I had worked in various industries over the years, but at the corer stone of every position, was events. I started in hospitality, but gravitated towards the conference and catering side of things. I moved into sales, but was a driving force at organizing over 30 tradeshow’s a year. Following that it was finally a more direct fit, through sales and marketing of events  — specifically as I worked for dmg world media, and then as Director of Marketing at  Go Auto. So, after some thought, my conundrum was clear. Event Planning was my calling.

Off I went, planning, plotting and building to bring my company to life. I had a name, a few clients and was having a ball.  Somewhere along the way though I started to realize I wasn’t exactly sure of my focus. Event Planning was so broad. I tackled a few weddings, parties, tradeshows, launches and so forth.  Last fall I began to feel like I needed to define what I excelled at and let other’s focus on the rest. But what was it?

This truly is the organic way the 360 degree approach was born.  I love the marketing part of creating  and carrying out brand messaging. I love the organizing part of events. I love the communication piece of media relations. So the focus now become events that are corporate, niche and potentially have a message we can take on a media tour.

Once I had that clarity, it felt great.  But how do I explain that to people? I started a revamp of my website, and quite frankly my elevator speech. The thing many of us “experts” forget, is altho we do a kick ass job for our clients, we forget to work on us. Every bit of advice I give, I wasn’t taking. So now, I will commit, to woking on my business, defining my business, and spending time “in” my business.  So cliche, right?

So here we are, heading into the summer of 2016, with a revamped site, a better elevator speech, and hopefully creating some genuine interest in what we offer.